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Fundraising ideas

A one-off or a regular donation via the website by going to
Organise a fundraising event. Charlotte Hall is taking part in the Brighton Half Marathon and is fundraising for Odyssey: (if you don’t fancy running yourself you could sponsor someone such as Charlotte!).  Another person to watch is staff member Nick […]

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Scandinavian Canoe Challenge

How do you prepare yourself for canoeing in a Canadian canoe without the fundamental basics of a canoe? You don’t need to.

Early in 2017, I embarked on fundraising with a few activities; set up a just giving page and put a signature on my emails with a link to my page. I sold home-made dog […]

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Focus – Emma Jenkins

Emma says “The first time I ever heard about Odyssey was when I went to the Breast Care Unit for a check up. There was a flyer on the wall and I took the details down, as something piqued my interest. Strangely, the very next day I went to lunch with a friend, who had […]

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Pottery weekends

We intend to start around 10 am and finish around 5 pm on each day.

We would absolutely love to have you join us for one of these special weekends if you can make it.

There will be no charge for the workshop except a small fee for clay used. However, we would ask you to donate […]

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