Comments from a few of the 2019 participants

“I had a wonderful time, made new friends and have realized that I’m far more capable than I thought following my cancer diagnosis. My confidence and my ability to deal with the day to day have increased way beyond my expectations. I was able to find myself again. During the treatment I was a patient and no longer able to decide about anything. When I came back I was at peace again”. 

“I feel so passionately about the benefits I have reaped from this amazing adventure. I believe it has changed my outlook on my life and instead of feeling cheated, I now feel feel lucky to have had this life changing opportunity to address my work/life balance. I now prioritise what’s important and who I love most. Having a shock, facing my own mortality, has put things into perspective. I LOVE ODYSSEY and all it stands for. Thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart”.

“Odyssey quite frankly saved me, I was in a very dark place; not any longer. Thankyou”.

Testimonials - What people say