Frequently Asked Questions


Questions about donating?

There are many cancer charities which support research, or establishments such as hospices or nursing care. Some offer holidays for people with cancer, and their carers. But Odyssey is unique in the way it combines the benefits of the natural world with supportive challenges, to help people re-build confidence and zest for life.

Furthermore, Odyssey has great track record having run over 100 courses over the last 25 years, with great success. We believe that an Odyssey course should be accessible to all whatever their financial circumstances, so no charge is made for attending. Thus we rely completely on fundraising and donations to enable people to attend.

Odyssey is a very efficient organisation with very low overheads, so nearly all income goes into providing the experiences for our participants. We have no head office and only the equivalent of 1 full time person.

We run courses for up to 16 participants.  The cost of running a course depends upon the location and the activities taking place. A donation will help to give someone their life back, by helping them overcome the psychological devastation caused by their cancer.

A course costs up to £950 per person depending on the location. The value to the individual is priceless, and the value lasts a lifetime.

For the first few years Odyssey ran 3 courses a year in Kent with 16 participants on each. Our long term aim is to run 12 courses per year (3 in each of 4 separate locations around the UK) with up to 16 participants on each – i.e. an annual total of 192 places per year.

The number of courses we can run each year is dependant on funding available; we receive no statutory funding and are reliant on donations from individuals, corporations, Trusts and Foundations. If you feel you can help please visit our donate page.