You may have all kinds of creative ideas for raising funds for Odyssey, from coffee mornings or ‘bring and buy’ sales to major sponsored events. You may have influence in an organisation which could give money to Odyssey and be able to negotiate sponsorship, or put us in touch with the right people. We will be delighted to support you in any venture which will help Odyssey.

Sponsored Events

Sponsored events continue to be a great way to raise money for a charity. You can download a sponsor form here which you can use for an event you may be planning, it includes all you need to enable us to claim Giftaid on the donations. Whatever event you are planning we can now support you with a specific online giving facility through justgiving.com or Virgin Money Giving so you can raise money quickly and easily online with your own personalised webpage.

Fundraising Pack

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If there are questions which you need help to address, contact us at walk@odyssey.org.uk or call Hugo Iffla on 0345 363 2207 (calls are charged at local rate) and we will do all we can to support and guide you.

Coordination & Legal

Whatever ideas you have, it is essential that you let us know about your plans. This is partly to avoid conflicting with some other event which is planned and partly so that we can help with information and advice. Charity fundraising is regulated by law and you may not collect in the street for instance without obtaining a local authority licence, neither may you use Odyssey’s logo or registered charity number without our prior permission.

Particular areas which could give rise to difficulty are 1. Insurance, 2. Trading standards and 3. Offering alchohol as prizes. The fact that you may be doing an activity to raise money for Odyssey does not mean that you will be covered by Odyssey’s insurance policy. You will need to take steps to get appropriate cover (reasonable expenses may be covered from the money raised) quite apart from ensuring that you have made proper provision for the safety of what you are doing.

If you are selling things to raise money for Odyssey you are just as liable to trading laws as any business. Should you sell food which poisons a child for instance, you can expect to be sued by its parents or prosecuted by the Environmental Health Department. There are no exceptions to these laws, so you must bear this in mind when deciding what to offer. Further information can be obtained from your local Trading Standards Office.

Of course you need a licence if you want to sell alcohol (apply in good time). Did you also know that you may need one if you propose to give alcohol as prizes in raffles, tombolas, etc? The police have been known to raid charity events where these prizes are offered. This is a particular problem if tickets have been sold to children as you have, strictly speaking, sold alchohol to a minor, even if they do not win. Please read information on lotteries and the law at the website of the Gaming Board of Great Britain. Notes on offering alcoholic drinks as prizes are provided under each category of lottery.

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“My Odyssey journey was amazing … I felt really great at the end of the week and feel so much better spiritually and mentally.”
Brenda Channing
“For me, Odyssey was like opening the wardrobe door to Narnia, I came back to the real world knowing there is a little bit of magic somewhere!”
Mandy Meeks
“Most of all, Odyssey helped me to make the most of every day without worrying about tomorrow.”
Sandi Burrows


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