In July 2017, Joanne Ryan was a participant at our Odyssey Course in Kent and, after reflecting on the benefits she felt, she decided that she would like to fundraise for Odyssey to allow us to offer the course to more people. Her approach was unusual – and certainly a first for us. She started a collection of gold – asking for donations of unwanted jewellery etc – and used this to have a pendant made by Lucy Sylvester (the jeweller who made the famous Hawk Moth ring for Game of Thrones).


Lucy has made this fabulous pendant featuring the Odyssey tern, which she did entirely free of charge. This special piece will be sold to raise funds for Odyssey, possibly at an auction. One idea is to organise a high profile event in 2019 (our 25th anniversary year) so watch this space – particularly if you know any Game of Thrones fans! Many thanks to Lucy Sylvester, to Joanne for having such a great idea and putting it in to action and donating her own gold.