Family Support

Team focus Sian

I first found Odyssey back in 2006, when as a self-employed single parent on my second cancer diagnosis life was tough! Well 14 years later life is good, I consider myself mostly retired choosing to have time for family and friends, even if money is tight.  I work a small number of hours seeking out and making grant applications to help with the running of the Odyssey courses.  You may hear from me in the future, as there are hospital charity funds and small local charities that may look favourably on an approach from someone local who is looking for funding to pay their experience forward.  But that’s for another time.

Life for all of us is quite ‘interesting’ at the moment, as we learn to deal with this new, albeit temporary normal.  Just before the coronavirus broke out my daughter, her husband and two children and dog moved out of my house into their own home after living with me for nearly eight years, so I was barely starting to learn to live alone.   I’ve very much had to find a new way of living each day.  I’ve found it vital to my wellbeing to keep busy, I hope you’ll all be impressed to hear I’ve dug over what was lamely called a lawn (mainly weeds) and am now waiting on a period of fallow before the next stage in my plan to reseed it all.  The borders are tidier than ever, and I’ve glossed 12doors!  I’m planning on decorating the hall stairs and landing, but somehow my glossing spread into the kitchen and bathroom!  There are also plans to turn a spare room into a proper sewing, crafting room.  So, plenty to keep me going for a while yet.  It’s odd that the only fixture in my diary is 8 O’clock on a Thursday when I join in with everyone Thanking all those caring for us and carrying out essential jobs, I keep a saucepan and wooden spoon by the window ready.  No coffees with friends or lunch dates. But time to sit and listen to bird song.

Each of us is different and will be finding our own coping strategy, I’m sure thinking back to your Odyssey experience will bring happy memories and strength to draw on.  I wish you and your loved ones all good health in these difficult times.  Stay safe. Sian.