tea and biscuits

Silent Auction

When it comes to perfecting the art of Afternoon Tea, you must always start with the main event, the tea itself. This hamper provides tea in abundance, with our expertly blended Breakfast and Countess Grey loose leaf teas, all made from the finest tea leaves from around the world. What goes best with tea? Biscuits, and within this essential wicker you will find our Piccadilly Biscuit Selection. Keeping in line with all things sweet, take your pick from our celebration-worthy Strawberry Preserve and our sweet but tart Blackberry Preserve.

Moving onto lunch, this wicker is complete with every essential condiment to match your food of choice. Starting with Hot Horseradish Sauce made for adding an extra delicious kick to smoked salmon and perfectly pink beef, moving onto our crunchy Piccadilly Piccalilli to serve alongside roast ham or scotch eggs.

For something sweet to round off all this feasting, help yourself to our cool Icy Mints. To wipe up any sticky fingers or to capture crumbs, this hamper is complete with our Waffle Tea Towel.